Great health begins with what you eat, so we're making it easier for you to eat the healthiest and most delicious meals without hassle. KAIGO is constantly working on new ways to help you reclaim your time and headspace so you can work on other important areas of your life, while enjoying delicious meals and maintaining excellent health.

Whether you're a foodie exploring local healthy culinary destinations or recovering from a chronic illness, we believe your nutrition should be fresh, healthy and always personalized for you.


Choose from a variety of flexible plans.

Then connect with a dietitian to discuss your health goals.


Your dietitian creates a custom guide, personalized just for you. Every ingredient, and macronutrient is carefully considered in line with your individual needs to help you attain your optimal health.


Either select your meals on your own from a community of amazing destinations or work with a dietitian to create a menu. Prepared by local chefs you love and hand delivered by KAIGO!